From 28 June to 05 July 2019

FRIDAY JUNE 28 TO FRIDAY JULY 5 2019 DAILY 9AM – 6PM; SAT 29 JUNE 12PM – 5PM; SUN 30 JUNE 12PM – 4PM 6 HILL STREET, LONDON, W1J 5NF 020 7493 0688 INFO@KATZ.ART Expressive Souls is an exhibition being staged by the Daniel Katz Gallery this summer for London Art Week. The e-brochure can be viewed here. _______________________________________________________ EXPRESSIVE SOULS: From the sacred to the profane, the inconsequential to the essential, artists from antiquity to the present day have been beguiled by the challenge of how to convey the expression and movement inherent in life. One sculptor who understood this challenge was the great sculptor Rodin who said, “The modes of expression of men of genius differ as much as their souls” – this then is an exhibition to celebrate the different approaches artists from different eras, different backgrounds, different cultures and using different medium have confronted the almost insurmountable challenge of translating life into something tangible. Expressive Souls explores the varied approach of artists to produce something that captures in a comprehendible way the very complex and transient nature of our world – and in doing so creates a thing of beauty in and of itself. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE EXHIBITION: We encounter another embrace in George Minne’s highly emotive Prodigal Son but this time one of reconciliation and forgiveness. The naked, elongated, near-emaciated bodies made one by pure, unconditional love. The tragedy of the failed embrace is conveyed in Rodin’s Fugit Amor as the two lovers, condemned to frustration for perpetuity, strive to clasp one another but it is forever in vain. Rudolf Koppitz’s celebrated image Movement Study is charged with an enigmatic, haunting character but also a dark and mystical eroticism in the stretched, evocative nude. LONDON ART WEEK: London Art Week is a twice-yearly event, offering the best of pre-contemporary art in London's traditional fine art district. From Ancient sculptures to Old Master drawings and post-Impressionist paintings, London Art Week offers visitors the chance to see, and buy, extraordinary works. For seasoned collectors as well as those simply curious to learn more about art, London Art Week dealers are always on hand and delighted to share their knowledge and expertise. Talks and events are scheduled throughout the week, delivered by some of the UK's most distinguished art historians and curators. There is no tent; visitors have the luxury of discovering masterpieces within our beautiful gallery spaces, all situated within walking distance.

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