Rodin: From Private Collections

The Daniel Katz Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of highly important life-time sculptures and drawings by Auguste Rodin, taken from private collections.

Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm
6 Hill Street
London, W1J 5NF
United Kingdom

Comprising 11 sculptures, in bronze, marble and plaster, each cast, carved or modeled in Rodin’s lifetime, and 3 drawings from around 1900, they form a selection of some of the most seminal and iconic subjects created by the greatest modern sculptor. Highlights include a unique marble group titled Bacchantes Entwined, dedicated to his friend and patron Paul Escudier, a highly important drawing, The Storm, dedicated to his friend the artist Jean-Ernest Sigismond Jeanès, previously in the prestigious Eugene Rehns collection, and a magnificent bronze group Eternal Spring, cast by the artist around 1890 and forming a beautiful example of one of the artist’s most celebrated sculptures.